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25 Black Women in Beauty Original Colors
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Six Trends Shaping Beauty in 2021



Let’s face it, in this era of Zoom meetings, nobody is taking more than 15 minutes to get ready and some have even gotten their morning regimen down to a cool 4 minutes (raises hands). We simply don’t have time for a 10 step routine. However, we do want the same benefits and therein lies the challenge for brands: fast and effective products at an affordable price. As such, multi-functional, multi-purpose and multi-benefit products are having their moment. From creams for hair, face and body to multi-tasking beauty sticks for the face, cheek, lip and eye, the combinations are indeed endless. Here’s to innovation in 2021!


Source: Instagram, model @dejamonett, MUA @angelamarklew

This one may seem like a no brainer, but if you’re like us, applying eye makeup can feel like taking a calculus exam. Seriously, the layers and need for symmetry is intimidating! However, in the era of Covid and mask wearing, bold eyes and feathered brows may be our last hope in showcasing our beauty. The trend we’re seeing, metallic liners in forest green, floating crease eyeliner in winter white, cat eyes in bold colors (no longer just black), and blue eye shadow! Next Step: Find your favorite makeup artist, take copious notes and ask questions! (you got this!).


Perhaps the last frontier in beauty is the scalp. Though a clear extension of our skin, it’s often ignored and relegated to the occasional furious scratching when ignored for far too long. With beauty and wellness forging an inextricable bond, products and services helping to foster this bond will be met with growing demand. Enter scalp therapy. From steaming and massage services to salt scalp scrubs and lavender oil drops to help you relax – if you can invent it, the demand awaits.


The demand for clean beauty has not slowed, witnessing double digit 11% growth despite beauty’s double digit 14% decline (source: NPD). Clean cosmetics in particular goes beyond cruelty-free (no animal testing) to include formulations with no harmful ingredients. The same care and concern consumers have when selecting skincare and hair care products (with 58% looking for natural or organic products (source: Statista) is also spilling over into cosmetics and a brand’s ability to highlight ‘free-from’ on cosmetics packaging will help drive consumption. Key product categories poised to benefit from this shift – Foundation, lipstick and mascara.


The digitizing of beauty will continue to accelerate in 2021 creating even more demand for professionals in the space. Key areas of interest we’re seeing – Digital Marketing, CRM, Personalization, Performance and Growth Marketing and more. Digitizing across all fronts – ecommerce and user experience to consumer marketing, clienteling and CRM. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Data Science will also continue to create new realms of innovation. With in-store shopping being reimagined in this new era and testers all but extinct, creating new innovative ways for consumers to try and play before they shop is even more crucial. For all our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) women out there with a love of beauty, your time has come


What is the role of morality in beauty? While brands slowly and unevenly tackle this question, consumers are taking a much bolder stance. Morality does indeed have a place in beauty. There ought to be clear distinctions between right and wrong, good and bad behavior and consumers are approaching how and where they spend their dollars through this lens with a focus on three primary areas:

Ingredients, Marketing and Organizational Norms.

(1). Ingredients: Simply put, there are good and bad ingredients. If an ingredient has long-term fatal effects, can we all agree that it is a bad ingredient? (2). Marketing – If your marketing campaign reinforces racial stereotypes or uses language that is clearly insulting to a protected class, can we agree the marketing campaign is bad? (3). Organizational Norms – When a company systematically keeps black people at lower levels of the organization and creates an atmosphere steeped in hate, is it difficult to conclude that that company is exhibiting bad behavior? Morality.

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